Appetite Obscure was a dining collective where interactive meals and immersive-art food experiences created new human connections.  The events were created by Richie Rhombus and Albert Alexander.  I created dishes for many of the meals and helped co-produce two AO events: God is Dead - Food is Alive and Chronos Island - Colony of Time.

For God is Dead, guests met in an Alley where they were greeted by a Vagabond Prophet who led them to the Cloudcatcher.  There, guests explored the site and enjoyed several courses of a meal spread through the many rooms.

For Chronos Island, 88 guests were invited by hand-delivered messages in bottles and made their way to an island via 5 different boats.  As the guests circumnavigated the island they enjoyed food and drink from five different time periods and the characters that inhabited each.  

Full write ups can be found on Richie's page here.  Neither event would have been possible without the many collaborators who are also listed on the page above.

photos by: Karsten, Anna Vignet, Scott Fin